Problem Statement Worksheet


Author's Name:

Reader's Name:

Read the essay without writing anything. Fill in the boxes on the attached page. Then answer these questions about the essay. Please do not write on the essay itself.
Problem Statements
Assessing the parts
Is the problem tangible or conceptual? ______________ How do you know?


Status Quo
1. Does this represent a common assumption about the topic? ______

If so, do you recognize it from

___your own first impressions?
___class discussions?
___our reading? (Name the author/article ____________________________________)
___other sources? _______________________________________________________
Destablizing Moment
1. Does this reveal a flaw in the status quo? _____
1. Are the consequences costs or benefits? __________________
2. Are the consequences obviously linked to the problem? (That is, are they clearly the bad things that would happen if you continued to believe in the SQ or the good things that wouldhappen if you stopped believing in it?) ____________
3. Who would care about the consequences?
___Anyone in our class
___People at UVA
___Other (Who?__________________________________________________________)
1. Does the resolution show how the writer wants to change the way readers act or think? _____