Sample Portfolio Guide 1

(These portfolio guidelines and handouts were developed by James Kim)

Final Portfolio Guidelines

What to Include

Your final portfolio should contain three sections: one for your most polished writing; a second for work you think needs the most revision; and a third for your other drafts, revisions, and homework assignments. The first section of your portfolio should include the papers you have placed for publication, of course, along with the following items: (1) your best introduction; (2) your best conclusion; (3) your best body paragraph. Each of these three items can and should be taken from your papers, but they should be presented separately. After each item, you should include a brief commentary (no more than two paragraphs) explaining what the item does well, what it doesn't do well, and how you would revise it to improve it.

The second section of your portfolio should include six items: (1) your two least successful introductions; (2) your two least successful conclusions, and (3) your two least successful body paragraphs. Again, after each item, you should write a brief commentary explaining why you don't like that item and how you would revise it.

The final section of your portfolio should include your unpublished paper and all your homework assignments presented in chronological order. Group exercises will be collected elsewhere, and you need not include them here. nor do you need to append any commentary to this section of your portfolio.
Other Guidelines

Your portfolio must include a table of contents; moreover, each item in it must be titled and dated with consecutive page numbers. To encourage you to present your portfolio as neatly as possible, I will award you extra-credit if you format your portfolio in an especially attractive manner (e.g., if you use a fancy binder rather than a staple, or if you format titles and headers so that they're easy to read).

This portfolio does demand a lot of work; it's almost impossible to do that work well the night before the due date. The best way to submit a successful portfolio is to compile your entries as the semester goes along.
The final portfolio is worth 80% of your final grade.

Portfolio Grade Sheet

Student Name:
A. Introductions (31 points)

Status Quo (6 points) _________
Destabilizing Condition (6 points) _________
Consequences (6 points) _________
Resolution (7 points) _________
Cue phrases (6 points) _________
Total _________

B. Argumentation (24 points)

Acknowledgment (6 points) _________
Response (6 points) _________
Reasons (6 points) _________
Evidence (6 points) _________
Total _________

C. Style (20 points)

Topic strings (5 points) _________
Old-to-new (5 points) _________
Short-to-long (5 points) _________
Nominalization (5 points) _________
Total _________

D. Mechanics (5 points)

Grammar (2 points) _________
Punctuation (1 point) _________
Spelling (1 point) _________
Documentation (1 point) _________
Total _________

Final Portfolio Grade _________