Style Handouts


Style Handouts

These handouts are adapted from the LRS curriculum and from Williams, Style: Ten Lessons in Clarity and Grace. The first version of this archive was compiled by Jim Cocola.

LRS Style Principles: An Overview (adapted by Andrea Dickens)

Worksheet: Style Review (adapted by Jeanene Skillen)
This worksheet articulates six LRS style principles and provides examples for revision.

Advice for Goodly Writing (Jason Coats)
This handout begins with reader expectations, followed by style advice addressing the needs of readers. Based on LRS principles, but does not use LRS terms.

Characters and Actions Overview (adapted by Marianne Montgomery)
This handout begins with sample sentences and instructions that lead students to generate the characters and actions principles. (1. Express key characters as subjects. 2. Express their actions as verbs.) The second page has nominalizations for students to translate into verbs and then practice sentences to revise. You should replace the sample and practice sentences with sentences related to your theme.

Worksheet: Characters and Actions (adapted by Cinnamon Grabill)
Worksheet: Characters and Actions 2
Sentences to be revised according to characters and actions principles. You can add sentences related to your theme.

Nominalizations and Passive Voice (adapted by Michael LeMaster)
This handout explains the grammatical structures that students need to understand in order to understand the characters and actions principles.

Active and Passive Verbs (adapted by Jeb Livingood)
This handout explains the difference between active and passive verbs and gives practice sentences for revision.

Information Flow: Old to New (adapted by Marianne Montgomery)
This introductory handout describes three types of old information, has steps for diagnosing and revising problems with information flow using the First Six Words test, and has practice sentences for revision that can be replaced according to your theme.

Transitions (Clare Terni)
Step-by-step process for writing transitions. Based on LRS old-to-new principle, but does not use LRS terms.

Worksheet: Bad Beer Cans (Topic Strings)
Sample paragraphs that have significant problems with old-to-new and topic strings.

Constructing Parallel Sentences (adapted by Jeb Livingood)

Identifying and Fixing Run-On Sentences (adapted by Jeb Livingood)

Avoiding Typical Grammar Errors (Michael LeMaster)
This handout summarizes some common student grammar errors and how to avoid them.