Week 1 - Thursday

Day 1 - Thursday

I. Introduction

  • names: roll call; students will sign-in in future
  • apologies re: tight numbers; no course action forms (department policy); keep checking ISIS for open sections

II. What is ENWR 110?

Accelerated Academic Writing

  • Accelerated: same course offered in a 2-semester sequence (105/106)
  • Academic Writing: to provide foundation for rest of courses &endash; no "huh?"s from professors. No personal narrative, fiction, poetry, etc. is included.
  • Writing instruction from global level to local level
    • Attn to syllabus: topics move from large issues to smaller ones: nature of argument to understanding words in a sentence. Also, we teach thru practice: writing/revision cycles and peer editing
  • ENWR not a grammar class
    • Mechanical shortcomings to be dealt with on student's own time. A writing handbook of student's choice is required for reference. Also, I'm willing to help during office hours.
  • ENWR not primarily a research class
    • Students will take a library tour (syllabus) and include some outside resources in their work, but the emphasis in the class will be on developing original arguments &endash; not reproducing others' arguments. Writing handbook also handy for citation guidelines.


III. Course Theme

  • Why a theme?

We write better about what interests us: a personal investment in researching and answering those questions. Our goal is to create a discourse community: a group of experts who continue to develop their expertise by engaging in dialogue with other experts. We'll use published experts as starting points for ideas and as good examples of academic argument.

  • Our theme: Creation and Creativity

Attn to course packet: creation myths, visual art, music, literature (primary sources immediately before secondary sources). We'll focus on the nature of art and art-making. Our focus is "high art," as opposed to pop culture (many other ENWR courses are pop-culture focused). We'll work with a variety of different kinds of materials.


IV. Course Regulations, etc.

  • Grading Policy (read Course Requirements from syllabus)
  • note Writing Center


V. Introductions Game

VI. Notecards

Include: name, home phone, email, SSN, potential major, extracurricular activities, special concerns re: course, favorite creators of art

Homework: Read creation stories as indicated on syllabus