Day 1 - Wednesday

Day 1 - Wednesday

1) Class Roll (5 minutes)

2) Review Rules and Regulations (10)

3) Introduction to ENWR 110 and to our theme. (10)
* Begin discussion of autobiography. What defines this genre? What are the uses and purposes of autobiography? What are some forms of autobiography? (Journal, diary, memoir, novel, poem, interview, etc.)

4) Index Cards (10)
* Name
* Phone
* E-mail
* Year
* Prospective Major
* Childhood Injury
* Collect cards, shuffle, redistribute (make sure no one got their own).
* When I say "Go," you must find the classmate that goes with the injury on the card. Once you’ve found the owner of the card spend a few minutes getting to know one another. You will introduce this person to the rest of the class. "Go!"
* Introductions: Ask for volunteer to start us off, then have the person being introduced stand with the student doing the introduction.
* Collect the cards.
5) Discuss the Formation of Personal Histories (10)
* How do these stories frame our perceptions/ beliefs about your past?
* How has your perspective of the event changed on this re-viewing?
* Story-telling forces us to direct our audience to a very narrow view — how can we complicate this view? Tell the whole story? How is your personal history documented? In your yearbook? In your baby book? What would your history sound like if it was narrated by your mother? Your sister? Your best friend? Can anyone ever know your whole history? Why or why not?

6) Distribute course schedule (5)
* Discuss how to read syllabus.
* Discuss journal assignment.
* Skim first 5 weeks.
* Discuss assignment for Friday.

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