Day 29 - Friday

Day 29 - Friday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Monday 11/5 — Friday 11/7

2) Workshop Arguments for Film Presentations (25)

* Review assignment for presentations: stress the Q&A session.

* Everyone take out your film choice/ claim.

* When I say "Spider" find a partner and then look back at me. Ready? Spider!

* OK. You and your partner are going to work together to construct your film choice argument for next week.

* Begin by filling out the Claim, Reasons, and Evidence on the argument outline worksheets that I’m handing out. You can do this individually, or by consulting with your teammate. You have 10 minutes starting right now! (Announce 1 minute left; 30 seconds.)

* Stop! Now I want you to turn to your partner and practice delivering the bare bones of this argument. When you finish, discuss what worked and what needs to be improved. Partners should recommend areas where warrants need to be explained or where potential concerns need to be acknowledged and responded to. Then let your teammate practice his or her delivery, and discuss.

* Keep your worksheet for use when working on your presentation.

3) Argument Game: Where Arguments Fail (20)

* Divide class into 3 groups. Give each group an assignment (on a note card).

* Each group should construct and then present an argument about why we should view the film that appears on your note card. But each of your arguments needs to fail. So, each note card also includes the way your argument will fail.

1) Blair Witch Project: Claim, your film is not relevant to our theme.

2) JFK: Reason, your reason must not support your claim.

3) Austin Powers: Evidence, your evidence must not support your reason.

* You will present your failed argument to the class. The class will try to determine where your argument fails, and how to fix it.

* Discuss results. Why is this relevant? How is this exercise connected to your upcoming presentations?

4) Return Claims



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