Day 27 - Monday

Day 27 - Monday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Wednesday 10/31
* Film Presentation Sign-up Sheet

2) Discuss Acknowledgment and Response (10)

Now let’s brush up on A&R so you’ll be ready for the Q&A session after your presentations.

* What are Acknowledgments? Responses?

* How do we signal an Acknowledgment? What words do we use? Write on board. (Despite, regardless, although, while, even though, seems, appears, may, some evidence, it is easy to think that. . .)

* Once we’ve stated our acknowledgment, how do we signal our own response to it? What words do we use? Write on board. (But, however, on the other hand.)

3) The Bad Boyfriend Exercise (20)

* Okay, now let’s practice using these signals. When I say "go" I want you to find 3 other people, make your desks into a circle, and then look back at me. Ready? Go!

* Hand out instructions for the Bad Boyfriend Exercise. Assign a role to each group. Have groups appoint a secretary to write down the letter.

* Starting now, you have 6 minutes to write your letter.

* Stop! Have a volunteer from each group read the letter. Discuss language of A&R in each.

* Give them the handout on "The Language of Acknowledgment and Response." Read through and discuss.

4) Brainstorm Claims for Wednesday (15)

* Ask for 3 volunteers to serve as judges. Divide rest of class into 3 groups of 5.

* Each group has 2 minutes to brainstorm claims that begin with the statement "We should watch Forrest Gump."

* Judges eliminate duplicate claims. Determine winners based on quantity and/ or quality.

5) Collect Revision #2

6) Return Capone Papers


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