Day 32 - Friday

Day 32 - Friday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Monday 11/12
* Paper #3 Workshop Reminder

2) Persuasive Presentations (30)

* Take notes during presentations (to determine grades).
* After each presentation, devote a few minutes to Q&A.

3) Vote for Film (10)

* Put all of the choices on the board.
* Have students write down their top two choices on two index cards.
* In case of a tie, have a run-off vote between those two movies.

4) Announce Film

5) Discuss Paper #3 (5)

* Reminder: This paper deals with a tangible problem. Problem: We need to watch a movie for Paper #4. Solution: Your film. Make sure your introduction includes the problem statement.



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