Day 20 - Tuesday

Day 20 - Tuesday


I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • collect papers. To be returned ASAP.
  • I enjoyed our individual chats; please come chat more if you need to.
  • syllabus check:
    one more paper
    last week of classes dedicated to workshopping portfolio components


portfolio contents:

1. cover letter
2. revised work (3 papers)
3. photocopies of old reviewed work (4 papers)
4. letter of consent


II. Fourth Paper assigned

  • handout
  • discussion

How readable was Vendler's article? What points does she make that you find interesting?

What are some potential claims for this paper? What kinds of evidence might be useful?


III. Style Review

  • sentence level and paragraph level skill = STYLE
    show Joseph Williams's book
  • group work: Seuss anti-revisions
    cartoon handout (Calvin and Hobbes)
    directions: anti-revise Seuss's sentences. Break the character/action, short-long, old-new rules. Prizes for best anti-revision.


Homework: Revise -- at the sentence level -- two paragraphs from a previous essay. Bring in enough copies for workshopping.