Day 34 - Wednesday

Day 34 - Wednesday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for 11/16

2) Discuss Film (Rudy) (30)

* Show introduction. Discuss as an introduction. Compare to our own introductions, relate to biography theme, questions of narrator, etc.

* Use student e-mails to generate discussion.

1) How do we know this is a biography?

2) What kind of biography is it? What kind of story does it tell? What claim does it make?

3) What is the relationship between the subject — Rudy — and the audience?

a) We see the world as Rudy, through his eyes.

b) Show the stadium scene.

4) What creates this identification/ perspective?

a) Plot and dialogue create sympathy for Rudy (picked on, told he can’t do something, mean brother, friend’s death).

b) Music (creates in us the feelings experienced by Rudy).

c) Camera angles (we frequently see the world from Rudy’s physical perspective).

5) How does this biography claim to be true and/ or authoritative?

a) Pre- and post-film biographical information ("based on a true story," etc.).

b) Attention to Notre Dame football history.

c) Show the film’s conclusion and discuss.

6) What is the purpose of this film biography? Is there any bias?

7) How is this film like or unlike other biographies we’ve studied? Autobiographies?

3) Generate Potential Claims for Paper #4 (15)

* Have class get into 6 groups of 3.
* In the next 5 minutes, brainstorm Rudy claims.
* Write claims on the board.
* Share and discuss.



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