Day 22 - Tuesday

Day 22 - Tuesday


I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • no class Thursday
  • papers returned ASAP


II. Lexical Ties

What does the word lexical mean? Having to do with word order. This principle combines sentence-level and paragraph-level organization.


A. Group story-telling

On board we begin, "One day a fisherman caught a talking fish." Students contribute subsequent sentences.

  • How did you determine your next sentence?
  • Do any sentences seem out of place?

B. Using lexical ties

Start a sentence 1) by keeping the character of the previous sentence or 2) by picking up the new info at the end of previous sentence. In other words, be able to trace a topic string in each paragraph.

  • compare paragraphs (handout)

    Which is better? Why?

    How would you describe the first paragraph? The second?

  • in groups, reconstruct an exploded paragraph


III. Workshopping

  • generate the workshopping worksheet


    old to new

    short to long

    appropriate passives

    topic string

  • workshop in groups of three


Compare the following paragraphs.


For beginning and intermediate skiers one of the best skis is the Hart Queen. A very thin layer of tempered ash, ash direct from the hardwood forests of Kentucky, makes up its core. And to provide added strength and flexibility, there are two major innovations used in its outer construction. Two sheets of ten-gauge steel are securely molded to the alyer of ash for increased strength. A wrapping of highly active fiberglass surrounds two steel sheets for increased flexibility. Most conventional bindings can be used with the Queen. The Salomon Double functions best, however. All the standard lengths are in the Queen's size range, although the five to six foot range is the easiest to obtain. Fortunately, any of six different colors can be ordered.


One of the best skis for beginning and intermediate skiers is the Hart Queen. Its core consists of a very thin layer of tempered ash direct from the hardwood forests of Kentucky. Its outer construction employs two major innovations to provide extra strength and flexibility. For increased strength, the layer of ash has molded to it two sheets of ten-gauge steel. For increased flexibility, the two steel sheets are then wrapped with highly active fiberglass. While the Queen can be used with most conventional bindings, it functions best with the Salomon Double. It comes in standard lengths, but it is easiest to find in the five to six foot range. Fortunately, it can be ordered in any of six different colors.


Sentences for exploded paragraph


The first phase would be a preparation phase.


A case team would spend three to five days in Brussels.


The team would include European Smith-Reynolds management, a representative from Smith-Reynolds&emdash;U.S., and representatives from ABC Consultants.


ABC will gather all available information about the industry, and the case team will attempt to better define the systems concept and prepare a field interviewing strategy for the U.S. and Europe.


In preparing our strategy, the team will need to decide the geographic scope of the interviewing effort.


Our past experience indicates that focusing on fewer countries is more effective than dispersing the effort throughout all the European countries; therefore the team may want to limit the interviews to the three largest Smith-Reynolds markets: Germany, the U.K., and France or Italy.


We will also need to jointly determine the industry participants who will need to be interviewed.


We may want to include OEMs, end-users, or other knowledgeable people in the industry.