Day 24 - Tuesday

Day 24 - Tuesday


I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • hand back remaining papers
  • syllabus check: paper #4 due Thursday, etc.


II. Final Workshopping Procedures

hand out guidelines and discuss


III. Metadiscourse

handout: compare paragraphs

  • Which is more readable? Which is prettier?
  • What tempts people to metadiscourse?
  • What are some common signs of/forms of metadiscourse in your papers?


IV. Stress

  • Based on what you know so far, what part of the sentence receives stress? END
  • Why does the end receive stress?

handout: compare pairs of sentences

  • How would you describe the #2s? more dramatic, perhaps



1. Write one sentence that mentions the positive aspects of snow but emphasizes its positives.

2. Write one sentence that breaks it gently to your dad that you disagree with his politics.