Day 44 - Friday

Day 44 - Friday

1) Class Business (2)

* Sign-in Sheet

2) Evaluations (15)

* Explain Evaluations; Instructions: Please comment on 1-15, as well as 16 and 17, on the back of the scantron if you like.

* Ask for volunteer to collect evaluations and to take them, after class, to Pam Marcantel in Bryan Hall 236c.

3) Turn in Final Portfolios

4) Final Argument Game (OK, this is your last act as ENWR students.) (10)

* I need 3 volunteers. OK, you guys are going to serve as judges for our last class game.

* Now, when I say "No exam!" I want you to form into groups of five and to put your desks in a circle. When you’re done, look back up here. "No exam!"

* All right. I’m going to give you guys a claim, and each group will need to construct an argument around that claim. (Write on board) This argument must include at least 3 reasons; at least one piece of evidence for each reason; one acknowledgment and response; and one explanation of a warrant that underlies your argument. You will have 7 minutes to construct your argument. When time is up, your team will read its argument to the judges. These judges will then select the best argument of the three. Ready? Your claim is "We should get out of class early today." The team with the best argument will get to leave class early.

* Judges verdict (explain to judges that I will let everyone go early, but I want the groups to really sweat it out for a while, so push them hard).

5) Well, all of those arguments sounded pretty convincing to me, so instead of letting the winners go home early, you can all leave. But first I want to say that you’ve been a great class, and I’ve really enjoyed having you this semester. If you need any help or advice over the next few years, feel free to come talk to me. That said, have a great summer! And come get a lollipop before you leave.

6) Remind student to take evaluations to Pam.



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