Days 26 & 27 - Tuesday & Thursday

ENWR 110: Final Workshopping

Tuesday, April 24th; Thursday, April 26th; Tuesday May 1st


Our final week and a half of class will be dedicated to workshopping segments of your portfolio. We'll workshop all three of your portfolio papers (one each class), which you may present either in their entirety or in part (approx. 2-3 pages). The writing you bring to workshop will already be semi-revised; in other words, you should already have made some changes to the paper according to my comments on the initial draft and/or discussions we've had in class. Your workshopping group will help you to continue or to redirect your revision process, but since it is not the responsibility of your peers to revise for you, please do not submit work that you haven't looked at since turning it in the first time. Our procedure for these workshopping weeks will be as follows:


1. The day before class, drop off two copies of a revised segment of your portfolio in the folder marked with your group number that will be located in the paper-return box. Do this by 12:00 pm.


2. At or after noon on the same day, take from the folder marked with your group number one copy of each groupmate's paper.


3. Before class on the following day, read each segment thoroughly. In addition to making marginal notes on the papers, you'll fill out a brief evaluation form for each one. I will provide the evaluation forms, which will also be located in the paper-return box, probably underneath the stack of folders.


4. In class the next day, your group will discuss each paper separately. After a paper has been discussed, you will return your marked copy and your written evaluation to the author. Please bring to class two extra copies of your own revised work; you'll need one copy for yourself and one to submit to me.


5. Using your peers' advice, complete your revision at home and according to your own schedule.


The workshopping groups will remain the same for all class days.