Day 3 - Monday

Day 3 - Monday

1) Class Business (5)

* Roll
* Individual Conferences Sign-up Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Wednesday 9/5
* Return Personal History Paragraphs

2) Fairy-Tale Structure (20)

* Introduce by having the class recite a well-known fairy tale (or tales). Sketch these on the board.
* Show the problem statement structure (or ask for a reiteration of last Friday), and how it fits the fairy tale. (Label the parts. Distribute LRS Handout.) What kind of problem does the fairy tale employ?
* Divide class into 6 groups of 3. Each group should transform one of the group member’s personal histories into a fairy tale. In order to do this, you will want to revise your consequences — making them as fantastic as possible — and your solution — similarly making it as fairy-tale sounding as possible.
* Share fairy tales (have groups read their fairy tale out loud). Make sure the parts of the problem statement are still present.

3) Discuss hooks’s essay "writing autobiography" (25)

* Begin with general reflections: Did you like hooks’s essay? Why or why not?
* Ask for a summary of hooks’s views. Is there any disagreement re: her views?
* What is her idea of autobiography? What does autobiography do for its author/ subject?
* Do we agree? Disagree? Why? In what ways?
* Finally, does hooks’s essay contain the parts of a problem statement? (If time permits, break the class into groups to identify the parts of a problem statement in the first few paragraphs of hooks’s essay.)

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