Day 3 - Thursday

Day 3 - Thursday

I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • note cards for new students

II. Argument Parts Review

  • review the eliciting questions; direct attention to syllabus to note specific days upcoming for focus on specific argument parts

III. Group work with homework arguments

  • briefly review benefits of group work, using peers as resources

Students are grouped according to myths chosen.

  • Goal: to work together to formulate the most solid argument possible, which they will present as a group, for evaluation by other groups.
  • Students will use each other to collect reasons, bolster evidence, gain different perspectives on warrant (offer my definition of compelling), etc. Students will also evaluate each other's work, discarding weak reasons, unwarranted reasons, etc.
  • Each group will appoint a recorder, who will write down the group's argument and present it to the class.

IV. Reconvene

group by group presentations

Question: How would you alter your argument after having hear the other arguments? Change your claim? The nature of your reasons? In a discourse community, members responds to one another.

Homework: Reading artists accounts (Whistler, Cezanne, Matisse, Copland, Bernstein)