Day 10 - Wednesday

Day 10 - Wednesday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Friday 9/21

2) Workshop Introductions (25)

* Select Partners.
* Distribute workshop sheet.
* Collect Introductions.

3) Making v. Having an Argument (20)

* Argument is War-- Distribute "Talking About Argument" handout. Have students brainstorm individually for 1-2 minutes.

-- When I say "Go," find two classmates and arrange your desks into circles, then look back to me.
-- Brainstorm more ways of describing an argument.
-- Using worksheets, describe winning, resisting, and building up evidence for an argument.
-- Reconvene: share responses on board (expect war and persuasion models).

* Discuss relevance to costs and consequences.

* Goal: We shouldn’t treat argument as war, where the goal is to destroy our opponents. Instead, our papers are negotiations between the writer and the reader. We make arguments in our papers, we don’t have them. (Argument as conversation.)

* Aims of Argument:-- Persuasion/ Agreement
-- Understanding
-- Mutual Respect
-- Further our own thinking

4) Return Papers


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