Day 16 - Wednesday

Day 16 - Wednesday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Friday 10/5

2) Argument Game (Review of Monday’s concepts, if time allows.) (10)

* Pass out index cards, each labeled with one of the parts of argument. Each group will receive 6 cards, each with a different part of argument written on it.
* Tell students: you will receive your role in an argument on an index card. With your teammates, construct an argument on any topic which interests you. Begin with the Claim card, then move to Reason, Evidence, Warrant, Acknowledgment, and Response.

3) Making and Supporting Claims (10)

Lecture Notes:

I. Review: Questions of Argument

A) What do you think?
B) Claim: statement readers don’t already accept, and won't accept without good reason.

II. Claim

A) Not obvious or accepted.
B) Contestable (disagreement is possible).
C) Supportable (not, for example, a matter of faith such as, "There is/ is not a God.").

III. What makes a good claim?

A) It is specific, reasonable, rich, and thoughtful.

1) Specific: the claim does not leave it to the reader to believe (or not), to act (or not).

2) Reasonable:
a) Significant (about something we don’t know).
b) Can be proved/ disproved (not about something we can't yet know).

3) Rich: claim expressed in explicit terms that point to important elements of its support or important conditions and qualifications on its truth.
a) Frames reader’s expectations; tells readers what concepts to look for in the body of the argument and commits the writer to developing those claims.

4) Thoughtful: qualified with words limiting its certainty and range. May leave room for other views. For example, words such as may, perhaps, some, most probably, appears.

4) Claims Game (15)

Claims Game:

1) Ask for three volunteers. These volunteers will serve as judges. Divide remaining class into three groups of five.

2) Divide board into three areas.

3) Announce question/ problem/ topic. Give teams 3 minutes to brainstorm hypothetical claims to resolve the problem. (Explain scoring to judges, see the LRS exercise: quantity or quality.)
* Round One Topic: Alcohol on Grounds, Rush, or Britney Spears

4) Reconvene class: teams take turns proposing claims, writing them on the board. Players should avoid proposing duplicate claims, since they will later be disqualified. Number the claims in the order proposed.

5) If a team cannot offer a new claim in 30 seconds, it must pass. The game is over when all three teams pass consecutively.

6) Judges score the claims.
5) Discuss Student Claims (10)

* Break into six groups of three.
* Have students rank each other’s claims. Which are best, why?
* Select the best claim from each group and write it on the board. Be prepared to explain why your group picked this claim, and how this claim would be the basis for a good argument.
* We will discuss these claims.
* Turn in claims.

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