Day 18 - Monday

Day 18 - Monday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet

* Discuss Assignment for Wednesday 10/10

2) Biography Discussion, continued (20)

* Use student papers to frame discussion.

* Middlebrook’s Essay

1) Is this essay helpful or not?

2) What is it concerned with?

a) "What is an Author? What is a Reader? What is a Subject" (155).

b) Discuss the "controlling point of view" (160).

3) How do you balance the subject’s public and private lives?

4) According to Middlebrook, what is the role of gender (for the subject, the kind of narrative)?

5) What does Middlebrook say about materials? (159, 164)

6) How do you shape a biography? What themes do you use? (159)

* Sexton and Capone

1) What do we learn about Capone? Sexton?
a) Title
b) Contents
c) Prologue
d) Introduction

2) What’s the role of the author here?

3) What are the themes?

4) Are these introductions like our own? (Set up key themes, characters, make a claim, etc.)
3) Workshop Introductions and Arguments (25)

* OK, so let’s move on to a discussion of your introductions.

* Take out your introductions. When I say "Go," I want you to find a partner. "Go!"

* Hand out Paper #2 (Argument Outline Workshop).

* Exchange and read introductions. When you’re done, take 10 minutes to discuss your introduction with your partner (and vice versa). Then, work with your partner to draft an argument for each claim. Fill out your argument outline.

* Keep your outlines, and hand in your introductions.

4) Collect Bedford Worksheets

5) Return Biography Papers

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