Day 12 - Tuesday

Day 12 - Tuesday


I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • re: papers
  • library tour: questions? usefulness?
  • today's goals:
    1) problem statement review
    2) emphasis on conceptual problems
    3) problem statement workshopping with problem statements


II. Problem Statement Review

A. Questions

  • What is a problem?
  • What is a problem statement? What are its parts? What is it modeled after? [a narrative]
  • Why is a problem statement important? Where does it go in a paper?
  • How does it function as an aspect of issue/discussion structuring?
  • What are the two basic types of problems? [tangible and conceptual] What is the difference between them? Which is type is more commonly the basis of academic papers? Which type is more dramatic/compelling?

B. Story Time

Two stories: Lassie and Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge. The first models a conceptual problem, the second models a tangible one. While I read, identify each story's status quo, destabilizing condition, consequences, and resolution.

C. Conceptual Problem Focus

Class brainstorming possible status quos/ destabilizing conditions (handout)/ consequences/ resolutions for conceptual problems.


III. Class Workshopping

Using skeletal problem statements, volunteers "tell" their problem statements like a fairy tale.


IV. Group Workshopping

In groups of 4 and 5, students "tell" their problem statements like fairy tales.


Homework: Problem statements written out in paragraph form with preludes.