Day 15 - Thursday

Day 15 - Thursday


I. Housekeeping

  • sign-in
  • reiterate new due dates
  • reiterate spring break homework: movie and reading. I will be available by email over spring break.


II. Conclusions

Why is a conclusion important?

  • It's the writer's last chance to contextualize, reiterate, and make his/her point memorable/worth remembering

What should a conclusion do?

  • suggest further potential directions for research
  • remind of remaining unknowns

How should a conclusion sound?

  • like an introduction in its tone: clever, interesting, focused
  • like the introduction in its ideas: a return to where we started


Exercise: Think about the conclusions of your favorite movies. What do movies do at their ends? How are the final scenes presented? How are the credits presented? How do these characteristics resemble those mentioned above?


III. Workshopping

Generate the workshopping worksheet: parts of argument, paragraph success

Groups of three: