Day 26 - Friday

Day 26 - Friday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Monday 10/29
* Discuss Paper #3

2) Create Biography of Capone (10)

* Use student e-mails from 10/23 to sketch a standard Capone biography.
* Almost every biography begins with "he was born." Why?

3) Discuss A&E Biography (35)

* Capone Discussion

1) Did you love it or hate it?

2) Was the biography what you expected?

3) How does it begin? What is its "introduction"?

a) View the introduction.

b) Discuss

4) What claim/ main claim do you think the biography makes? Did you change your mind while watching? (Most famous gangster in the world; rose to power with brawn and brains.)

5) Do we have an author here? Narrator?

a) How does he/ she function?

b) Frame our view of the subject?

6) What is the framework or plot of this Capone story? (Starts with introduction, then his birth; ends with "to me he was a bum.")

a) How is the biography organized and structured?

b) What gets left out? (Personal life.)

7) What evidence, sources, material, etc. does the biography use? (Laurence Bergreen, biographer; Robert Schoenberg, biographer; John Binder, President of the Merry Gangsters Literary Society; Contemporaries — dancers and reporters; Tony Berardi, photographer; Son of George E.Q. Johnson, the prosecutor; Art Petacque, crime reporter; John O’Brian, crime reporter.)

8) Do you question any of this evidence?

9) How does this biography reflect and/ or deviate from the standard biography we generated at the start of class?

10) How is this TV program/ video unique? Define the genre.

a) Music

b) Images

c) Repetition

d) Commercial Breaks

11) How does this biography compare to other texts we’ve read this semester?

a) Use student papers to generate discussion.

4) Return E-mails

5) Collect Papers


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