Day 24 - Monday

Day 24 - Monday

1) Class Business (5)

* Sign-in Sheet
* Discuss Assignment for Wednesday 10/24

2) Preparing for A&E Biography Screening (5)

* How do we take notes on a video? (Brainstorm)

a) Pay attention to the form: Write down information about form, types of sources used, images, etc.

b) Write down the possible claims.

c) Note any moment or information that is particularly unusual or striking.

3) Biographer’s Assignment — Reflection (10)

* Everyone take out your outlines, something to write on, and something to write with.
* Spend 5 minutes reflecting on and writing about the experience you had as a biographer. What is it like to be a biographer? What are some of your challenges? Do you have a sense of responsibility (toward the subject, for example)? How is this different from writing about yourself?
* Share and discuss.

4) Biography Outlines (15)

* Divide class into 6 groups of 3.
* Have students "present" their bios to one another.
* As you listen to one another, make sure that the author’s claim is actually supported by all of his/ her reasons and evidence. Discuss.
* Select one of the arguments to share with the class.

5) Share Biographies (15)

* Have representative from each group present their biography outline.

* Discuss the claim:

a) Is it focused and specific?

b) Is it contestable?

c) Is it supported by reasons and evidence, acknowledgment and response?

d) Could it be improved?

* Hand in biography outlines.

6) Return Paper #2 and Paper #2 (Revision) Handout


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