Whole Paper Workshops


Whole Paper Workshops

These workshops address, in various combinations, argument, problem statements, and style. They are most useful later in the semester, when your students are familiar with the course's principles and are ready to workshop complete drafts. You can also adapt and excerpt these worksheets for shorter, more focused workshops or workshops of partial drafts.

Problem Statement and Argument
This worksheet has a series of questions to help students assess a paper's introduction and argument.

Problem Statement and Argument 2
Another introduction and argument worksheet. This one emphasizes that editors must connect their responses on the worksheet to specific moments in the paper.

Problem Statement and Argument 3
Very similar to #2, but with more emphasis on reasons and acknowledgment and response.

Stylish Introductions
This worksheet looks at two aspects of introductions: the parts of the problem statement and sentence-level style

The Whole Paper
This worksheet covers the whole paper, with a long analysis of the problem statement and shorter sections for diagnosing argument and sentence-level problems.

The Whole Paper 2
Another whole paper worksheet, this one deals with key terms in the introduction, reasons, old to new, and short to long.

Style and Argument
This worksheet starts with old to new information flow, then evaluates the paper's claims, reasons, and evidence.

Stubborn Reader
This workshop takes place over two class sessions and gives each reader specific tasks. In the first, readers evaluate the problem statement and argument; in the second, sentence-level issues and objections to the argument. One person plays the stubborn reader, raising as many objections as possible.

Author-Directed Workshop
This worksheet asks the author to articulate a problem with his or her paper. The editor then specifically addresses that problem in comments. This works especially well for papers that have been revised before (e.g. a paper to be included in a final portfolio) but can easily be adapted for workshopping many other assignments.

Portfolio Workshops: Procedure, Worksheet
For these workshops, students use special typography to mark up their papers, then distribute them electronically. Editors read and fill out response worksheets before coming to class. This response worksheet has numerical rankings and room for comments on introduction, argument, and style. This procedure can be used for portfolio workshops or any other full-length paper workshop. It can also be paired with different worksheets.