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The International Relations page focuses on contemporary international politics and international law. My links are meant to give you access to some of the political background behind international legal questions, as well as access to a variety of reference tools oriented to international law, such as a list of the countries of the world or a graphic of every country's flag. The subject matter of the links emphasizes security- and environment-oriented issues, such as peacekeeping and global warming (respectively), rather than trade or human rights.

Note: For purely legal research, the place to start is the UVA Law Library's excellent page on International Law. (I do keep some legal links on the International Relations and History pages that I have repeatedly found useful, however.)

The History page focuses on international history. There are links to historical maps and primary documents of all eras, to a series of "Today in History" sites, and to a variety of timelines. The remaining links tend to focus on the 19th and 20th Centuries, especially as affecting Europe and the United States, and especially as concerned with the origins or conduct or termination of armed conflicts. This translates into an emphasis on the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, World War I, the inter-war period in Europe, World War II, and to some extent the Cold War.

Together, the International Relations page and the History page should give you the opportunity to learn about the political and historical context of a wide variety of international events, especially those related to security and the environment.

The Of General Interest and Idiosyncrasies pages, in contrast, are not oriented towards international events past or present.

The Of General Interest page focuses on non-international matters potentially of interest to any curious citizen. There are links about words, computers, finding places and people, art, literature, music, and the movies. Of particular interest to those in the UVA Law School community are links about US law, about UVA, and about Charlottesville and surrounding areas.

The Idiosyncrasies page contains links that are not likely to be of general interest. There are links covering things that I find funny, parenting, on-line shopping, a profoundly obscure hobby of mine (board games focusing on armed conflicts), and such truly miscellaneous subjects as the tackiest places in America, lichens, an on-line version of the Meyers-Briggs personality test, and a list of people you might not have known were Canadian.


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