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The purpose of this timeline project is to collect information and link relevant web sites regarding the History of the Cold War in East Asia and the role of International Law and International Institutions in East Asia. The project was undertaken to satisfy, in part, the requirements for a seminar course on International Law After the Cold War at the University of Virginia School of Law, with Professor John Setear.

In gathering information, I may link to some web pages that contain controversial statements or documents. By including these web pages or documents, I am not endorsing their contents nor the views expressed by the authors.

Any views expressed herein are mine alone and are not endorsed by the University of Virginia or by the U.S. Army.

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Biographical Information

Major Susan S. Gibson, U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps

Currently an LL.M. Candidate at the University of Virginia School of Law

Next Assignment: Office of the Staff Judge Advocate, U.S. Pacific Command


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Electronic mail address: sg6z@virginia.edu

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