Links to Several Handy Web Sites


Primary Legal Documents

Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute. One of best sites on the internet for full-text legal materials. Many other site links too.

Indiana University School of Law WWW Virtual Law Library

Emory Law Library “ Electronic Reference Desk

Stanford Law Library - List of Web Gateways


U.S Congress: Legislative Information on the Internet

U.S. Army Judge Advocate GeneralŐs Corps List of Legal Information Web Sites

War Powers Resolution

United Nations Home Page With Access to Other UN Documents, such as Security Council Resolutions and UN Treaties

Treaties and Other International Agreements

UN Treaties

Full Text of Arms Control Treaties posted by the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency

Avalon Project at Yale Law School: Primary Documents in LawŘIncluding Treaties, International Law, and Diplomacy

Fletcher Multilateral Treaties Project -- Full Text of Multilateral Treaties, Organized by Subject

Text of Yalta Conf

UN Convention on the Law of the Sea

NATO Treaty

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Dayton Peace Agreement

Foreign Policy; National Security; Peacekeeping; etc.

U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency: Full Text of Arms Control Treaties, Reports on Arms Control Compliance, etc.

U.S. Institute of Peace Home Page

U.S. State Department Home Page

International Affairs Network (IAN) Virtual Library “ Weapons Proliferation Issues

Program on Peacekeeping Policy at GMU

Lester B. Pearson Canadian International Peacekeeping Training Center (Limited Amount of On-line Text Materials)

The Carter Center Home Page a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute founded by former President Jimmy Carter.

Air University Research Database: Consolidated database of research from the Air Force War College, Air Force Command & Staff College, etc. (Some full text, some reference lists.)

Information on Countries and Regions (General Sources First, then by Countries and Regions)

U.S. State Department Country Background Notes: Listed by Region and then alphabetically by Country. Includes basic statistics, history, economy, US foreign relations policy, current situation, etc.

International Affairs Network (IAN) Virtual Library “ Country Resources

GEMS - U.S. Dept of Commerce, country and regional information for American Exporters.

U.S. Institute of Peace Publications “ Full Text information by region and subject. U.S. Institute of Peace, Home Page

Army Area Handbooks for Several Countries -- uploaded at University of Missouri, St. Louis.

Microsoft Expedia World Guide (info by region and country)

Countries and Regions

Internet Guide for China Studies -The China WWW Virtual Library

Army Area Handbook on China

Overview of Communist Chinese History

South China Sea Informal Working Group Home Page

History of China with timeline and links to other sites

RAND on China. List of Publications; many available at no cost.

Country Profiles of the ASEAN countries

Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library

Overview of Tibet History since 1950. This is basically the Tibet-in-Exile Web Site.

Taiwan Home Page “ sponsored by Taiwanese organizations in the USA “ Organizations that are "dedicated to the future of our beautiful Taiwan ("Ilha Formosa") as a free, democratic and independent nation, which is accepted by the international community as a full and equal member." History and Current Situation

Brief History of Taiwan

Pakistan WWW Virtual Library

PeopleŐs Korea (DPRK): North Korean Home Page

The Bosnia Page at Cal Tech (site links, etc.)

Africa Studies Home Page “ Univ of Penn (info by subject area and country)


The Korean War Project

US Army Center for Military History (DC)

U.S. Army Military History Institute (Carlisle)

U.S. Forces Korea: Home Page for U.S. Military Forces in Korea; history of the Korean War, etc.

Other Sites

World Trade Organization Web Site

CIA List of Chiefs of State/Cabinets

U.S. Army Home Page

U.S. Pacific Command Home Page (Joint Military Command with responsibility for Security in the Pacific Region)

European Union Home Page

University of Virginia Home Page

ASEAN Home Page: includes all ASEAN Agreements, Declarations and Statements from 1967 to the present; country information, etc.

ASEAN Center Home Page: The ASEAN Centre in Japan works for "closer ASEAN-Japan economic relations (the page comes up in Japanese, but there is a place to click for the English version).