Web Sites for the Organizations Submitting Amicus Briefs


Urging reversal (and thus urging a broad interpretation of the authority of the Corps to regulate wetlands) were the National Wildlife Federation and the State of Michigan (via its Attorney General) on one amicus brief, with sixteen other state governments urging reversal in a different amicus brief.

Urging affirmance (and thus urging a narrow interpretation of the Corps' authority) were the American Petroleum Institute, the Citizens of Chincoteague for a Reasonable Wetlands Policy, the Mid-Atlantic Developers Association, and the Pacific Legal Foundation.

The Chamber of Commerce of the United States is listed by the Court as filing an amicus brief, but its urgings are unstated.

{Note: I have been unable to find sites for the Citizens of Chincoteague etc. or for the Mid-Atlantic Developers Association.  Let me know if you do.}