Global Warming Directory Page
Prepared by Tevin Grant, UVA Law '01
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Article 1: Definitions 
Article 2: Objective 
Article 3: Principles 
Article 4: Commitments 
Article 5: Research and Systematic Observation 
Article 6: Education, Training and Public Awareness 
Article 7: Conference of the Parties 
Article 8: Secretariat 
Article 9: Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice 
Article 10: Subsidiary Body for Implementation 
Article 11: Financial Mechanism 
Article 12: Communication of Information Related to Implementation 
Article 13: Resolution of Questions Regarding Implementation 
Article 14: Settlement of Disputes 
Article 15: Amendments to the Convention 
Article 16: Adoption and Amendment of Annexes  
Article 17: Protocols 
Article 18: Right to Vote 
Article 19: Depositary 
Article 20: Signature 
Article 21: Interim Arrangements 
Article 22: Ratification, Acceptance, Approval or Accession 
Article 23: Entry into Force 
Article 24: Reservations 
Article 25: Withdrawal 
Article 26: Authentic Texts 
Annex I 
Annex II 

Kyoto Protocol

Article 1: Definitions 
Article 2: Objective 
Article 3: Commitments 
Article 4: Joint Action 
Article 5: Emissions 
Article 6: Implementation 
Article 7: Guidelines 
Article 8: Emissions Review 
Article 9: Scientific and Technological Advice 
Article 10: Cooperation and Information Sharing 
Article 11: Implementation 
Article 12: Clean Development Mechanism 
Article 13: Parties to the Convention 
Article 14: Secretariat 
Article 15: Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice 
Article 16: Modifications 
Article 17: Verification, Reporting and Accountability 
Article 18: Non-Compliance 
Article 19: Dispute Settlement 
Article 20: Amendments 
Article 21: Adoption and Amendment of  Annexes 
Article 22: Right to Vote 
Article 23: Depositary 
Article 24: Signature 
Article 25: Entry into Force 
Article 26: Reservations 
Article 27: Withdrawal 
Article 28: Authentic Texts 
Annex A 
Annex B

Montreal Protocol

Article 1: Definitions 
Article 2: Control Measures  
Introduction to the Adjustments 
Article 2A: CFCs 
Article 2B: Halons 
Article 2C: Other Fully Halogenated CFCs 
Article 2D: Carbon Tetrachloride 
Article 2E: 1,1,1-Trichloroethane (Methyl Chloroform) 
Article 2F: Hydrochlorofluorocarbons 
Article 2G: Hydrobromofluorocarbons 
Article 2H: Methyl Bromide 
Article 3: Calculation of Control Levels 
Article 4: Control of Trade with Non-Parties 
Article 4A:   Control of Trade with Parties 
Article 4B:   Licensing 
Article 5:     Special Situation of Developing Countries 
Article 6:     Assessment and Review of Control Measures 
Article 7:     Reporting of Data 
Article 8:     Non-Compliance 
Article 9:     Research, Development, Public Awareness and Exchange of Information 
Article 10:   Financial Mechanism 
Article 10A: Transfer of Technology 
Article 11:   Meetings of the Parties 
Article 12:   Secretariat 
Article 13:   Financial Provisions 
Article 14:   Relationship of this Protocol to the Convention 
Article 15:   Signature 
Article 16:   Entry into Force 
Article 17:   Parties Joining after Entry into Force 
Article 18:   Reservations 
Article 19:   Withdrawal 
Article 20:   Authentic Texts 
Annex A:    Controlled Substances 
Annex B:    Controlled Substances 
Annex C:    Controlled Substances 
Annex D:    A List of Products Containing Controlled Substances Specified in Annex A 
Annex E:    Controlled Substance