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Offered in the Fall

A list of the topics to be covered in the seminar.

Some Materials on Global Warming (Assembled for a Different Course)

GLOBAL WARMING (LAW5 718) (Seminar), Mr. Setear, Credits: 3

Global warming (also known as "climate change") has been the most prominent issue in international environmental policy since Rio de Janeiro hosted the "Earth Summit" in June of 1992. More than 150 nations have since signed a pair of treaties that make a start – but only a start – towards answering the thorny questions of science, international law, energy policy, ethics, and politics (both domestic and international) that invariably confront efforts to minimize or mitigate climate change. This seminar will explore these questions, chiefly (but not exclusively) by reading and then discussing recent articles written by law professors, political scientists, and others.

Written Requirement: A substantial research paper. (Those students not needing to satisfy the Writing Requirement may pursue analytically substantial alternatives to a traditional research paper, such as creating a Web page including substantial original and analytical content.)

Limited to 16 students.

This course falls under the International and National Security Law concentration and under the Administrative Law and Regulation concentration.