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Global Warming

List of Weekly Topics

For each class session, there is a description of the particular topic as well as the general subject area of the class.  We cover each general subject area for several classes.  After an introductory session, we'll spend two sessions examining the international legal agreements that have resulted from the international negotiations on climate change.  Second, we'll spend three classes on the science and technology that underlies the potential problem of climate change.   Third, we'll spend four classes looking at issues of institutional design that are implicit in various provisions of the Kyoto Protocol.  Finally, we'll look at the crucial political problem that, unless solved, is very likely to stymie any further progress in mitigating climate change: the meaningful participation by less-developed countries (LDCs) in international legal agreements aimed at reducing climate change.

Date Topic General Subject
August 30th Introduction Introduction
September 6th The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change International Legal Agreements
September 13th The Kyoto Protocol International Legal Agreements
September 20th The Carbon Cycle Science and Technology
September 27th Climate Modeling Science and Technology
October 4th Energy Generation and Conservation Science and Technology
October 11th International Institutions Generally Institutional Design
October 18th Weighted Reductions Institutional Design
October 25th Trading Schemes Institutional Design
November 1st Project-Based Mechanisms Insitutional Design
November 8th How Poor Is Poor? LDC Participation
November 15th Participation without Obligation: LDCs and Trading LDC Participation
November 22nd Participation without Obligation: LDCs and Projects LDC Participation
November 29th Participation, Obligation, and Subsidies LDC Participation


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