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Date Archetype Individual(s) Topic
August 26th The Prussian General(s) The von Moltkes The Wars of Middle Europe, 1870-1999
September 2nd The Imperial Cousins Kaiser Wilhelm and Tsar Nicholas The Beginning of World War I in Europe
September 9th The Minister's Son Woodrow Wilson The US and World War I
September 16th NO CLASS
September 23rd The Emperor Haile Selassie The League of Nations
September 30th The Tiger Georges Clemenceau The Versailles Treaty
October 7th The Devil Adolf Hitler German Expansionism, 1933-1939
October 14th The Admiral Jacky Fisher Navies in the World Wars
October 21st The Patrician Franklin Delano Roosevelt US Foreign Policy from Harding to FDR
October 28th The Bulldog Winston Churchill US Neutrality in World War II
November 4th The Partisan Josep Tito The History of Yugoslavia
November 11th The Wall Street Lawyer Cyrus Vance Bosnia
November 18th Politicians with Law Degrees Bill Clinton and Slobdan Milosevic Kosovo
December 2nd The Judges? Robert Jackson and Gabrielle McDonald War Crimes


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