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History of Changes to the Site, 2/28-present

On April 24th, I removed a bunch of the "New" tags, explained the function of un-underlined blue text on the home page, and cleaned up a few troublesome links.

On April 11th, I added a couple of paragraphs to the April 9th Link O' the Day covering the 4/9/40 attack on Denmark and the 4/9/42 surrender at Bataan.  I also added the materials relating to Guernica to the post-4/14/99 section.  I corrected a date in the 4/2/99 Link (changing 1907 to 1899 for the Hague POW Convention).  I updated the information in the 4/2/99 Link about formal adherence to the POW Convention to reflect that the US and Yugoslavia are both formally bound, and that the US but not Yugoslavia is bound by the Declaration of Hostilities Convention.

On April 10th, I added Links O' the Day for April 8th and 9th, added a general statement for April 14th and afterwards warning that there may be no more Links O' the Day, and updated the Current Topics to reflect the fact that it took two days to cover the Ackerman-Golove article.

On April 5th, I used my newly acquired understanding of FrontPage Explorer's link-verification function to clean up some dead links on about half-a-dozen pages, and I added a little bit of info and a few links on the Johnson-Goldwater presidential election (and other recent landslides).

On April 4th, I added the Links o' the Day for March 31st, April 1st, and April 2nd.  I also updated the Updated Weekly and Daily topics list to reflect the fact that the Goldwater v. Carter discussion took two days rather than one, and the fact that I will be making an effort to incorporate Pinochet and Kosovo into the discussion of custom.

On March 27th, I added the Link O' the Day for March 26th.

On March 22nd, I re-did the links (and one of the captions) to the Russia-related stories from January 22nd and January 27th, as the Washington Post links had disappeared and CNN had links that were not only still live but discussed the ABM Treaty much more prominently.

On March 18th, I re-named and re-shuffled some of the topics on the Updated Topic List that will be addressed in the two weeks following Spring Break.  I tinkered with the home page, placing the "This Just In ...." link lower down on the page, playing with the width of various horizontal lines, and fussing with the presentation of the "New" symbol.   On the TV Courts digression, I cleaned up a few stylistic errors; and on the Jefferson-Napoleon digression, I fixed a mis-directed link relating to a Jefferson biography.

On March 17th, I added the Links O' the Day for March 25th.

On March 15th, I added the Links O' the Day for March 24th.  Nothing like using Spring Break to try to get a little bit ahead of the game, I always say.

On March 13th, I split the Links O' the Day into those for the first half of the course and those for the second half.  The unsplit file was up to about 40 KB, and I figured that slow download times might discourage otherwise-eager viewers of the page(s).

On March 12th, I added the Link O' the Day entires for March 11th and 12th.  I also updated the Digression o' the Day for February 24th to reflect a new on-line biography of Thomas Jefferson that I found.

On March 10th, I added the Link O' the Day for March 10th.

On March 7th, I created this page and moved to it the 2/28-3/2 list of changes.  I changed slightly the UPDATED Topics page to reflect the fact that I didn't get to the China materials on 3/5/99 but hope to do so on 3/12/99, with some consequent rearrangement of later topics.  I added the Link O' the Day for March 5th.

On March 5th, I added Links O' the Day for March 3rd and 4th.

On March 2nd, I changed the date at the beginning of the paragraph above from "February 29th" to "March 1st" (not many odd-digit years are leap years, after all), and obtained a topic (and a new date for his guest appearance) from Professor Stephan.

On March 1st, after speaking with Professors Martin, Moore, and Stephan (our professorial guest speakers originally slated for "Variety Week"), I re-did the page updating the initial, tentative list of daily and weekly topics to reflect the topics that they and I agreed would be best.   Additionally, because of scheduling issues, these three speakers will appear in different weeks rather than all in one week, a fact reflected in the page as well.

On February 28th, I:

  • added material for the Links O' the Day for February 25th and 26th (and modified the February 24th LotD);

  • added a link to a page that conforms the initial, tenative list of daily and weekly topics to actual events;

  • added a link to a page that discusses how the site is supposed to fit into the course;

  • changed around some things on this page, moving to the bottom of the page those items that have been on the site for a while and that you don't really have much reason to consult any more; and

  • provided on this page a more accurate description of the meaning of the { new.gif (111 bytes) } symbol in its various placements.


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