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Digression o' the Day for April 9, 1999

We spent the day discussing the Ackerman and Golove article about the implicit amendment of Article II of the Constitution to allow a majority of both houses to suffice for the President to make a treaty.  This digression is about analyzing and recombining the name "Golove".

Golove.  There is a domain on the Web called "golove", but I'm not sure that you can go there without violating the University of Virginia's ban against using University property to view obscene material.  I didn't try going there myself, I hasten to add, but my perfectly innocent search for "golove" -- which I tried when I couldn't find Professor Golove at ASU )(he has since moved to the Cardozo Law School, as the Links o' the Day page indicates) -- brought up a lot of suspicious-looking entries on that domain.

Courtney Love.  The X Generation's Madonna-esque changeling is the subject of this site, inter alia.  There is even a domain called   Unsurprisingly, it's a fan site, which includes this page of dizzyingly varied looks from working mom to flower child to visible-roots rock queen--some of them involving no mascara whatsoever, upper lid or lower.

Love.  If you hypothesize that there is a domain called on the Web, by the way, and you try to go there, you in fact wind up at some kind of classified-ad thing run by America OnLine (the home page of which is now styled as a portal, natch).  This is doubtless a metaphor in some way for the commercialization of romance, or the dominance of America OnLine, or both.

Go.  Go is an ancient Asian game of skill.  You can learn to play Go here.  And there is a domain called, which seems to be a portal site of some sort.   Of course, what isn't a portal site these days? 

Go-Gos and Goo Goos.  Very broadly speaking, I guess you could say that the Go-Gos are in their own way a Hole progenitor--in terms of their (then-)cutting-edge fashion sense, not the raw angst of their lyrics--while the Goo-Goo Dolls include among their sonically-somewhat-similar-to-Hole output the 1990 album, Hold Me Up.  If they teamed with Courtney's band, would they call the product Holed Me Up?

Love Golove love, go play Go.  And note that, if Courtney Love and David Golove met through an ad on (or perhaps, although I can't be sure that they even have personal ads, on, and they married and became the Love-Goloves, and they wanted to move to an isolated island to play Go all the time, they might some day try New Utopia, which is now just shallow ocean but which is slated to be a country someday by a visionary Oklahoman.   Today Tulsa, tomorrow the world--well, 1/190th or so of the world, if one counts all countries equally.

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