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Digression o' the Day for April 14th and Afterwards, 1999

The main link discusses the German bombing of Guernica on April 26, 1937.

Pablo Picasso was born in Spain in 1881.  See this brief account of the early portion of his life. He moved to Paris in 1904, whence he tried to capture the horrors of war in his painting named after Guernica.  

It's difficult to get good on-line images of art.   (I bet that you can nonetheless identify this painting from its on-line version.) This was the best image of Picasso's "Guernica" that I could find on the Web, although this one from the same site is a close second.  (Both are from Texas A&M.   Who would have guessed that a school that boasts a 425-member military marching band with its own TV show would be such a resource in the Quieter Arts as well?) 

This collection of profiles of Picasso, all published in the Atlantic Monthly, begins with an anecdote in which "Guernica" plays an important if invisible part in a movie, Surviving Picasso, in which Anthony Hopkins played the largest part.  (If you look way, way down Sir Anthony's filmography, you'll see that he was in a film called "A Change of Seasons."   Part of this movie was filmed at bucolic Williams College, my alma mater.  In fact, I appear oh-so-briefly in this movie as an extra--or "atmosphere actor," as they say in L.A..  Towards the very beginning of the movie, there's a scene in which Shirley MacLaine's character is walking down a street; and I'm fleetingly visible from behind in a tan down jacket next to a guy wearing the orange gloves.  It's me, honest.)

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