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Subs, a Simpson, and TEAM SPIRIT:

Digression o' the Day for February 5, 1999

A discussion of nuclear non-proliferation led to a discussion of how to pronounce "nuclear," which led to an observation about Homer J. Simpson, nuclear-safety technician and sometime naval-reserve enlisted person.

Homer J. Simpson corrects the Drill Sergeant's (Chief Petty Officer's, more correctly?) pronunciation of "nuclear" before going on to take temporary command of a nuclear submarine from Captain Tenille in the "Simpson Tide" episode of The Simpsons.

In other nuclear-submarinerelated items--and one with a more direct relationship to class--feel free to view this photo of a joint surfacing by a US nuclear sub and a South Korean diesel boat during RIMPAC '98, a naval version of the TEAM SPIRIT exercise discussed by Michael Mazarr from time to time in his article on North Korean nuclear non-proliferation.  Photo caption is here.   Photo courtesy of the United States Navy.  

And if you want some idea of how complicated it is to be the Pentagon's press secretary, take a look at the transcript of the press conference held on the day that TEAM SPIRIT was canceled for 1997, where that announcement was just one of many issues discussed by the temporary press secretary--including some discussion of ballistic-missile defense, the topic of January 22nd's and January 27th's links o' the day.)

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