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How This Site Is Supposed To Fit into the Course

The Web site is an optional part of the course.  You don't have to visit the site at all.  Ever.

If you do want to visit the site, you should probably visit the Links O' the Day page.   The idea with the Links O' the Day page is to reinforce in some way the discussion of that day.  For some days, the entry is short with just one link; for other days, the entry is longer with many links.  Most of the time, you will probably receive a very high proportion of the Reinforcement Benefit simply by reading the text without following any of the links. 

I can tell you that I certainly don't read all of the links on all of the linked-to pages.  A linked-to page could have a dozen or more links on it, and each of those links could contain several (or even dozens of) printed-page-equivalents.   So, if you feel like it, you should follow some of the links to see what you can find, but you should feel equally free to be very tentative about exploring the links or to forego such exploration entirely.

The general idea, then, is that this Web site is for you to use in proportion to your interest.  Some people are deeply interested in international politics and international law, so this site can give those people some ways to pursue their interest.   Some people are simply interested in whiling away some of their minutes on the Web, and the course site should be more useful for them (in terms of learning about the subject matter of the course) than, say, the ESPN site or The Weather Channel's site

Note: If you do visit the site, you'll notice that only the Links O' the Day page changes regularly.  Not every day, but typically at least once a week.  For a free service that lets you enter a Web page's address and receive an e-mail any time that there are any changes to that page, go here.

Okay, okay, I'd like to visit the Links O' the Day page.

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