International Law

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Fans of internal rhyme may also note that both the Commission of the economically oriented European Union and the headquarters of the security-oriented NATO are located in Brussels, but only the Belgian-born action-adventure star Jean-Claude van Damme is known as "the Muscles from Brussels."

One other famous example of internal rhyme--this one from the realm of Broadway show tunes, i.e., My Fair Lady--involves the hydro-meteorology of Spain: "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."   Try this satellite map of cloud cover in Europe if you want to test Lerner and Loewe's assertion against the weather today in the Iberian peninsula. 

Spain, by the way, was either the 11th or 12th nation-state to join the European Community: Spain and Portugal both joined on January 1, 1986, according to the EU's thematic history of "enlargement"--that is, increases in nation-states that are full members or in other ways associated with the Community/Union.  No additional nation-states will join the Community/Union until nearly a decade later, when Austria, Finland, and Sweden all join on January 1, 1995--the 100th anniversary of the birthday of J. Edgar Hoover, by the way.  A biography of Hoover that begins with his death is here.

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