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Digression o' the Day for February 26, 1999

The topic in class was whether the WTO's Appellate Body was a court.   The Link o' the Day explores the different dispute-resolution bodies mentioned on Court TV.  This digression is about TV Courts.

You may wish to visit the Web sites for The People's Court and for Judge Judy, and decide for yourself which characteristics of a court these entities possess and do not possess.   (Intriguingly, Ed Koch, who presides over The People's Court currently, was the person who, while Mayor of New York City, appointed Judge Judy to New York's Family Court, according to Judge Judy's bio.)   Judge Wapner, formerly of The People's Court fame, has now moved on to "Judge Wapner's Animal Court"--pretty lucky that he found a show with his name already in the title, huh?--but I have not been able to find a site devoted exclusively to the latter.  Fortunately, you can obtain quite a few episode summaries of Judge Wapner's Animal Court, which airs on The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet

(Mega-digression: Shouldn't they have called it "The Discovery Channel's Animal Planet Channel"?)  {And if Van Morrison's ex-wife Janet Planet had married the English Channel, would she have become the Janet Planet Channel?  The map of the English Channel, linked to in the previous sentence, is courtesy of Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).  You can see a black-and-white line-drawing map of any spot on the globe, at almost any scale, by starting with a whole-globe view and then just repeatedly clicking on where you want to go to get more and more detailed views.   Start here.}

And if you want to see Time magazine ponder the meaning of all these TV courts, click here.  

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