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Professor Setear

Spring 1999, University of Virginia Law School

The American Civil War

Timelines, Outlines, and Photographs

A very short, 24-event timeline of the Civil War, from Fort Sumter to Appomattox(From Greg Feldmeth's US History Resources.)

Mr. Feldmeth also provides a laudably concise view of the Civil War in outline form.  See especially Section V, "Northern Foreign Issues."  (Mr. Feldmeth's outline includes some more abstract considerations than does his timeline, as outlines often seem to do in comparison to timelines.) 

You may also view a fairly detailed timeline of the Civil War, including events before and after the conflict itself.  This timeline includes a number of photographs.  (From The History Place.) 

If you're interested in photographs, you may view a collection of nearly 2,000 Civil War images(From the Library of Congress.) This on-line exhibit also includes a timeline of moderate detail.

This timeline focused on events in 1860 and 1861 ends with the first shots fired on Fort Sumter.   (From a site with many primary documents relating to pre-war politics, though with a strong emphasis on the South.)

Sites of General Interest on the Civil War

Below are a number of sites of general interest regarding the Civil War.   In contrast to many sites on the Civil War, these include significant emphasis on the political (rather than just the military) aspects of the war, including pre-war and post-war events.

The American Civil War Homepage is a site maintained by George Hoemann, who possesses both a Ph.D. in History and a Master's degree in Library Science.

The United States Civil War Center is maintained by a number of academics at Louisiana State University.

The Valley of the Shadow is a project headed by indefatigable UVA historian Ed Ayers.  It focuses on collecting as many primary documents as possible from a county in Virginia and another in Pennsylvania (both in the Shenendoah Valley).  UVA almost certainly has the most impressive concentration of Civil War-era historians in the country, claiming not only Professor Ayers but also Michael Holt and recent addition Gary Gallagher as full professors on the History faculty.

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