International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize

Course Topics in the News

Nobel Dove

War Crimes


UN Rwanda Tribunal Verdict Expected (includes some criticism)
Ex-Rwandan mayor sentenced to life
Amnesty International Welcomes Historic Ruling

Former Yugoslavia

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia - United Nations


UN Security Council threatens force against Serbia re Kosovo

Weapons Proliferation

Missile Technology Control Regime

North Koreans test missile over (and past) Japan
Japan searches for, responds to North Korean missile
U.S., N. Korea to resume weapons talks in October
North Korea frustrated by delays in Agreed Framework

Nuclear Non-Proliferation

India, Pakistan Nuclear Capabilities May Be Higher Than Thought
India Joins Pakistan in Call for Nuclear Treaty
U.S. has not confirmed Iraq A-bomb suspicions-September 30, 1998

Soft Law

Nestle's Response to Baby-Formula Report (handed out in class)
A summary of the report itself
Criticism of the Baby-Formula Industry's Response

The Nobel Peace Prize Laureates' Conference

The Schedule of Pre-Conference Events


We're not covering Northern Ireland in class, but here's a story that should seem
similar in many ways to that of Central America and Bosnia.

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