The Program in International Law
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The Program's Purpose

The Program in International Law seeks to foster a sense of community among those students and faculty at the University of Virginia School of Law who are interested in international law. The Program, funded by the Law School and directed by Professor John Setear, seeks to foster this sense of community by:


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The Program in International Law seeks to bring to the Law School speakers of general appeal to those students and faculty with an interest in international law.  The Program emphasizes speakers with practical experience in formulating international law and policy.  The Program typically seeks the co-sponsorship of the J.B. Moore Society for International Law, the student international-law society, for all of the Program's speakers.


2000-2001 Academic Year

The Program has not chosen its speakers for the 2000-2001 Academic Year.  Please feel free to e-mail Professor Setear with suggestions.

You may wish to view last year's list of speakers and topics.   Last year, the fall's speakers focused on the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic rule in the wake of widespread human-rights abuses, and on the interaction among law, force, and arms control.  The spring's speakers focused on international trade law.  The Program has not chosen a focus for either semester of the upcoming academic year.

On-Line Projects

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The Program’s second method for fostering a sense of community among those at the Law School who are interested in international law is to make on-line information available that is of particular interest to Law School students studying international law.

Last year, the Program constructed (and currently maintains) a set of highly organized pages of links for students conducting research on international legal topics who wish to examine the international political context and historical background of their topics.


1999-2000 Academic Year

In conjunction with the Communications Office of the Law School, the Program intends during the 1999-2000 Academic Year to make available an on-line, hypertext version of the in-progress print brochure, "International Law at the University of Virginia Law School." 

The Program also intends to place on-line a variety of materials related to last fall's seminar, "International Law and the Nobel Peace Prize."  The goal of this project is to allow those considering application to, or attendance at, the University of Virginia School of Law to see some of the inputs and outputs of a law-school seminar.

Third, the Program in International Law intends to collaborate on Web-based projects with the Law School's new center on environmental law and policy, which will be directed by Professor Jon Cannon.  That center will include some attention to problems of international environmental law and policy, an area that seems especially likely to provide the opportunity for fruitful collaboration between the center and the Program.

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For corrections, comments, and questions, please e-mail John Setear.

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