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1: Abstract

2: Summary of Analytical Findings

3: Global Climate Change and Energy Technology

4: Energy R&D Infrastructure
Selected OECD Countries

5: Analysis of Energy R&D Programs


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Adopting A Long View to Energy R&D And Global Climate Change

1. Abstract

In this paper, we present findings indicative of important, ongoing changes in the energy research and development (R&D) investment portfolios of major OECD nations. We seek to explain the drivers of these changes and discuss their implications for the world's ability to deal with future R&D-intensive energy challenges, such as global climate change.

We also consider possible implications of changes in individual countries' energy R&D portfolios for international energy R&D collaboration among OECD countries themselves, and between OECD and developing countries. We conclude that the level of investment in energy R&D in the OECD is likely insufficient to meet the energy R&D challenges of climate change.

A long-term, strategic approach would aim to broaden both the amount of resources devoted to energy R&D and the geographical scope of the global energy R&D infrastructure. A successful strategy will account for large-scale changes in demographics and energy use over the coming decades will drive the development of indigenous energy R&D capabilities in developing countries.

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JJ Dooley, PJ Runci and EEM Luiten, Energy R&D In The Industrialized World: Retrenchment and Refocusing, PNNL-12061. Washington, DC. December, 1998.
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