United Nations
Official UN site on East Timor and the United Nations Mission in East Timor.  Contains official UN documents and information on the background, chronology, causes and results of the independence crisis in East Timor. Also includes practical information such as fact sheets, polling stations and civic information regarding the independence vote and its aftermath. Takes a somewhat defensive tone in its explanation for the violence, and why the UN was caught off guard. 
Official website for the Association of South East Asian Nations.  No information directly related to East Timor, but member-state Indonesia is featured prominently.  Additionally, ASEAN is the regional organization most likely to be charged with ensuring peace and stability in the South East Asian region.  The website gives official information on the great economic and political cooperation ASEAN fosters among its member-states, including summits, conferences, and joint economic-political-cultural undertakings.
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Economic development organization that includes Indonesia, Russia, the United States, and other nations along the Pacific Ocean. Its 21 member states make up over 45% of the world's trade.  Organization specifically deals with economic cooperation and ties. 
UNHCHR East Timor
Web site for the UN High Commission on Human Rights.  Good resource for viewing the UN's mandate for human rights in East Timor, its specific actions,  as well as a general administrative background to UNHCHR's actions in East Timor. Highlight: The report of the High Commissioner on the state of human rights in East Timor- very detailed and authoritative. Gives many detailed accounts of specific human rights abuses conducted by Indonesian authorities and militia elements. 


East Timor Action Network/US
North American Activist group that supports East Timorese independence.  Website is largely an internet call to action in order to gain American support for the independence movement.  It has some good background information.  It has many links to other sites by similar groups.  East Timor Action Network
East Timorese-based independence organization that carries English-language version.  Site specializes in recent news events, background history, and photographs detailing Indonesian brutality in East Timore.  Highlight includes online copy of the East Timor independence song. 
Timor Today
Daily News and Information site of the East Timor International Support Center, an Australian-based group that works toward East Timorese independence.  The honorary chairman of ETISC is Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta.  The site is an excellent resource for news and background on East Timor, but strongly supports East Timor.  The site carries extremely graphic photos of Indonesian torture in East Timor. Picture


Embassy of Indonesia
Ottawa, Canada
Official Indonesian background information, such as history, land, economics, etc. Overall informative but bland.  Highlight:  the Human Rights section of the Indonesian Handbook- pays much lip service to Indonesian compliance with UN Declarations of Human Rights.  East Timor not mentioned.  Welcome to the Indonesian Embassy Website
Indonesia Department 
of Foreign Affairs
Basic government information and background from the Department of Foreign Affairs.  Focuses on government structure, history, treaties, and visas.  Highlight:  "Open Letter from the President of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations Secretary-General regarding East Timor"


International Christian Relief and Humanitarian Organization that has focused on East Timor.  The site gives background and historical information, news and links on East Timor, and a plea for donations. World Vision Logo
Amnesty International
Amnesty International's web page focusing on human rights in East Timor.  Heavily weighted with daily news briefs, it recounts in great detail the numerous human rights abuses still underway in East Timor.  Focuses on a call to action by American citizens.  Highlight:  Testimonies of repression and torture by East Timorese  Amnesty International USA


Radio Australia World News
Excellent news source for events and analysis in East Timor. Regional nature of the issues makes the reporting especially relevent and comprehensive.  Thorogh handling of the issues surrounding the independence process, including detailed look at the actual ballot question and voting method.  Highlight:  Interactive East Timor map that shows region-by-region events from the chaos of the post-vote days.
Homesite of CNN.  Day-by-day reports of events in East Timor.  Moderate coverage, but little emphasis on the larger context of the independence vote.  Lacks in-depth analysis.


Good reporting of daily events in East Timor. Little in-depth analysis.  Great photos of events as they played out (many of the pictures for this web project came from