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A great resource for information on NATO's action leading up to, during, and after the Kosovo conflict.  Includes history of the conflict, background on UN action, facts and figures, and NATO and UN documents.  Highlights:  daily briefings NATO conducted during each day of the air campaign, complete with all maps and photographs included in the briefings.  Excellent raw information of what was happening day by day during the conflict. 
United Nations
Official UN website on United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). Explains UN presence in administering Kosovo after the air war. Includes latest in-depth news reports on developments in Kosovo.  Great source of daily news in Kosovo.  Includes links to major UN departments, the Secretary General, the UN Security Council, UN General Assembly, and other aspects of the UN's ongoing worldwide missions.
Official OSCE website on its mission in Kosovo.  Includes archives on lastest developments, especially relating to OSCE's mission component within UNMIK.  Details the nation-building exercises OSCE is undergoing, including the first graduating class of the Kosovo Police Service School, and the opening of Radio Television Kosovo (RTK).  USAID logo
International Criminal Tribunal 
for former Yugoslavia
Official ICTY website dealing with the prosecution of war criminals in the former Yugoslavia.  Gives factsheets on war crimes infomation within the Balkans, as well as legal documents and news archives on the ongoing mission of ICTY. Highlights:  "At a Glance" pages, which give information on ICTY fugitives, indictments, detainees, upcoming trials, and judgements of war criminals. Bulletin
UN High Commissioner 
for Human Rights
UNHCHR website lists the human rights reports submitted on Kosovo, as well as the statements made by the UNHCHR. Links to sites explaining the Secretary-General's mandate given in Kosovo. Links to other UN relief sites, and explains how aid can be donated to the UNHCHR.
UN High Commissioner
for Refugees
UNHCR website lists detailed reports of refugee movements from the Kosovo conflict, week by week. What's New reports the continuing plight of displaced persons in the Balkans, months after the conflict was resolved.  Refugees cover story reports on the refugee crisis in Kosovo and the coming Balkan winter. Highlights:  World Map link exhaustively details the situation in the former Yugoslavia, down to region origins and asylum status. 
Official US government site that explains the humanitarian side of the US position.  Includes fact sheets, great maps of the region (including ethnicity maps), and press sheets of the latest US action in dealing with the humanitarian crisis.  Includes information on how private citizens can help the relief effort.  News reports of the President and other US leaders headline most of the site's news. Includes good links. Highlight: Information on "How Can I Help?" the Kosovo Crisis. USAID logo

Serbian Unity Congress
International pro-Serbian organization that is likely highly tied to the Yugoslav government. Focuses heavily on NATO attacks upon Serb civilians. Also lists NATO "war crimes", NATO war art, and NATO military losses during the campaign.  Highlight:  "Freed American Soldier Writes to Serbian People"- letter displayed (complete with incorrect English).
Website of the Bishop of Raska and Prizren, Serbian Orthodox Church.  Professionally-done Kosovo information clearinghouse that leans toward Serbian sentiments.  Enormous amounts of information and links within the site, including news briefs, historical background, and cultural information and essays.  Highlight: link to the Ballads of the Battle of Kosovo, complete with historical essay and pronunciation guide. The focal web point for Kosovo and Metohia issues
Free B-92
Website of the famous independent Yugoslavian radio station that stayed active and online throughout the Kosovo conflict.  Remarkable open and liberal- details Serbian human rights abuses, government repression, and encourages free speech and citizen action. Artistically advanced web-design, prides itself on its cultural and political progressivism. Highlight:  On-line petition to free B-92 from government repression and allow radio station to go back on the air. Station was shut down by Yugoslavian authorities in April 1999.
Red Cross of Serbia
Blatantly slanted humanitarian appeal from the Yugoslavian website of the usually non-partisan international humanitarian agency. Asks for relief help in the context of "NATO aggression" against Yugoslavia's citizens.  Declares that under NATO's air campaign, "11 million citizens of Yugoslavia and 750 000 refugees are exposed to unparalleled genocide at the end of the 20th century." Makes no mention of Kosovo. 

Federation of American Scientists
Excellent resource from the mildly pacifist scientific organization.  Copious amounts of information, including conflict background, analysis of Yugoslavian/NATO/KLA military capabilities, NATO Order of Battle, US Congressional debate, NATO, Serbian and Kosovar art and propaganda, and virtually every Kosovo news source online. HIGHLIGHT:  Gun imagery of NATO warplanes- online video footage/photos of NATO attacks on Serbian targets.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Center for Security Policy
Right-wing conservative think-tank that favors strong Reagan-esque defense policies. Numerous papers questioning the Clinton administration's policies in Balkans and denigrating Clinton generally.  Labels Kosovo campaign as "Wag the Dog" exercise by the President.  CSP Logo
Center for Peace and Tolerance
Belgrade-based institute that opposes NATO's intervention. While giving the appearance, (especially in view of its name) of a neutral pacifist organization, in fact the CPT is heavily slanted toward the Yugoslavian government.  Only acts committed by NATO or Albanian Kosovars are listed.  Extremely graphic photos of NATO bomb victims are displayed. 

Amnesty International
Human Rights page that focuses on the disappeared in Kosovo, Yugoslavian military objectors,  and other issues stemming from the conflict. Includes human rights issues from the entire region. Supports war crimes prosecution and refugee resettlement. Great links to other human rights organizations, as well as government/international organizations. Highlights:  Printable letter to send to Sec. Albright to demand action on human rights issues in Kosovo. Human Rights in the Balkans
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Organization tied closely to Amnesty International.  Kosovo Page lists numerous human rights abuses ongoing in the region, as well as esposes war criminals.  Highlights: Powerful photo-essays on life in former Yugoslavia, focusing on Serbs and Kosovars, civilians and soldiers.
Vehement pacificist, anti-establishment website that speaks its two-cents on just about everything and anything. Website of the Center for Libertarian Studies.

Homesite of CNN.  In-depth coverage of the ongoing Kosovo crisis, broken down day-by-day. Comprehensive background and maps.
Index of ABCNews stories on Kosovo, including interactive guides to NATO campaign, beginner's guide to Kosovo.  Great photographs of conflict with news stories.
Private on-line news service focusing on strategic and international issues.  Up-to-the-minute reports of international issues.  Includes in-depth analysis of news events, including breaking story countering NATO's claim of genocide in Kosovo.  stratforlogo1.JPG (7436 bytes)