WWII Propaganda Poster      The Departure from Isolationism: A Legal Analysis of FDR's Role in Coaxing the U.S. into WWII
     The following pages are a web project designed to explore the power of the U.S. presidency to shape the path of national and world events by examing FDR's manipulations of law and policy which overcame the entrenched isolationism of the United States following WWI and paved the way for its entry into WWII.
     The project consists of three main, yet interrelated, sections.  The first is a paper analyzing the topic.  The second is a collection of timelines and documents relevant to the paper.  And the third is an annotated list of relevant links.  Throughout the sections, links to other sections and to the Web at large will appear as an arrow On to the paper..  Holding the cursor over the arrow will display a box briefly describing the destination, while clicking on it will take you there.