Links Relevant to U.S. Entry Into World War II

NOTE: there is relatively little available on the Web which is devoted solely to U.S. entry into WWII. These pages are not only the best of what I could find, but nearly constitute the entirety of it. There is, however, a huge amount of information regarding military history and collectables available and the following links, especially the lists of links, provide those as well. WWII in Europe Timeline  An excellent timeline about WWII in Europe from 1919 to1945.  The timeline is very richly augmented by links to pictures, text, audio files, and biographies of major figures.  However, as it is primarily focused on the development and unfolding of  the war in Europe, there is relatively little focus on events as they unfolded in the U.S.  The main page of Main Page has links to other WWII timelines and history projects as well. 
Grolier WWII Commemoration Page  A section of a site devoted to WWII.  The main article, "History of WWII," focuses mainly on the year wars, but there are chapters on the Interwar Period, Between the Wars a nice summary of the War in Brief, War in Brief a Diplomatic History Diplomatic History of the War of the war which includes a discussion of why the U.S. abandoned its policy of strict neutrality, and a good timeline of events from 1931 to 1946. Chronology  The main page also has links to biographies of most of the major figures of the war period (including FDR FDR Bio ), photographs, and air combat films. 
WWII Collectors Site  WWII on the web.  The site is primarily geared to collectors of WWII memorabilia, though there is some useful government contact information for researchers and a decent Links section (though it also is primarily geared for collectors).
Stone and Stone WWII Site  This site contains a number of historical articles about rather obscure topics relating to WWII (such as Afghanistan Diring WWII). One article, Vichy and Pearl Harbor, Vichi-Japanese Relations Prior to Pearl Harbor analyzes how Vichy-Japanese relations affected the eventual bombing of Pearl harbor by Japan.  Otherwise, not of much use. 
WWII Primary Source Materials  "Origninal documents regarding all aspects of the war."  This is an incredible resource.  Includes the full text of hundreds of treaties, speeches, declarations, and documents from many different nations Index as well as alll of FDR's foreign policy speeches FRD Foreign Policy Speeches, Index and numerous timelines, just to name a few. 
WWII Annotated Timeline Plus  This site is focused mainly on the military history of the war, though it does have a fairly detailed seciton on the interwar period.  The timelines are heavily annotated and linked and are a useful starting point for information on many different aspects of the war. 
FDR Presidential Library  The website for FRD's presidential library.  This has a huge amount of information about FDR.  The library, and presumably the site, is administered by the National Archives.  The site has an extensive number of presidential correspondance, manuscripts, and documents online.  They also have both scanned and textual versions of all of the papers from the FRD's safe in the Oval Office. FDR's Safe Files  In addition ot pictures and biographies, the site is an excellent source for primary docuements from FDR's presidency. 
WWII Links by Topic  This is one of the most comprehensive lists of WWII links that I have found on the web.  Links are categorized into 23 general groups and pretty much everyhting you could want is on there.  The links, however, are only very sparsely annotated. 
WWII Links by Topic  This is the other forerunner for the most comprehensive list of WWII links on the web.  Among the 18 categories of links, the ones that are most relevant are: Americans at Home and at War,America at Home and at War Preparations and Diplomacy, Preparations and Diplomacy and Archives and Resources. Archives and other Resources  (These three categories alone have over 100 links).  This list is, though sporadically, far better annotated than the previous one. 
An Outline of American History  This more coprehensive "outline" of U.S. history contains a chapter, Conflict Abroad, Social change at Home, Conlflicts Abroad, Social Change at Home which covers the period between U.S. entry into WWI and the conclusion of WWII and contains some very useful articles on the departure from U.S. isolationism. 
Primary Documents from the Interwar Period (1918-1941)  This is an excellent list of links to primary documents from the interwar period (1918-1941).  Documets include everything from speeches by national leaders to major international agreemets and municipal legislation.  Unfortunately, however, many of the links to the actual documents are to <> and, more often than not, does not work.  Sometimes it does, though.  And it is good. 
Primary Documets from U.S. History (organized by period)  This is also a list of links to primary documents form U.S. history.  It categorizes U.S. history into "periods" and groups the documents accordingly.  Of aprticular interest are the Interwar Period Documents form Interwar Period and the Second World War and Aftermath. Documents from WWII and Aftermath  Like the previous list of primary documets, many of the links are to the unfortunately tempermental <>. 
AMDOCS: Documents for the Study of American History  Another list of links to primary documents from U.S. hsitory.  This list is strikingly similar to the previous one (it too has sections on the Interwar Period  and the Second World War and Aftermath).  Overall, this list is more comprehensive and has been more recently updated.  It does, however, share the same problem with links to <> as the previous two sources of primary documents.
The Avalon Project: Documents from Law, History, and Diplomacy  The Avalon Project at Yale University.  An indespensible online collection of primary documents in law, history, and diplomacy.  Many of their WWII documets can be found here. WWII Documents
Library of Congress  Library of Congess home page.  They have some material online but I couldn't find anything I needed....
American Military History: Revolutionary War to WWII   Page with numerous, extensive timelines about U.S. military history from the Civil War to World War II.

Churchill,  FDR, Stalin--Yalta 1945