Social Issues


Brazil has described as "where the First World and The Third world meet ." It has one of the highest rates of inequality in terms of income distribution-richest 10% w/ 50% wealth poorest 50% w/ 12% of the wealth.

"In the rural areas of the country, only 12% of the population is served with water and public sewage, and only 44% have light and power. One third of the country’s population is reported to be malnourished. Approximately 16 million homeless children roam the streets, and nine out of ten children drop out of school after ten years of age." "During my city tour (Sao Paulo, Brazil), the impact of poverty and crime in Brazil began to hit home. While stuck in a rush hour traffic jam, we were approached by a young homeless girl, perhaps four or five years old, dressed in torn, dirty clothes, begging for food or money. She was holding a ball of glue (used in the manufacture of leather shoes), to which she was addicted. The sight of an innocent, young, drug-dependent homeless child was almost too much for me to bear."

1  Howard C. Gelbtuch, Brazil: appraising in an inflationary environment, 62 Appraisal J. 507, 13.