Reports on Global Warming

The Unseen Contributor to Global Warming

    With all the talk on global warming it would not seem that there is yet another threat out there.  However, it seems that scientist has forgotten about checking the emissions of the megaships that travel on our oceans 24-7.  It is now believed that they are responsibly for approximately half of the SO2 found over the oceans.

Is UNEP taking Action?

    Global Warming is seen as one of the two most important evironmental problems facing the earth.  There is suppose to be more consciousness of environmental issues.  All the charts show that CO2 is on the rise. So,  what is being done about.  Check this site out to see what the big wigs at UNEP have to say.

Are Current Energy Plans Outdated?

    Well, President Clinton thinks that New Zealand's plans are.  So, what is his solution.  What does New Zealand have to say about Clinton's opinion?  Almost nothing.  It is really a birthday party for Sir Edmund Hillary and to talk to scientist in the artic.

U.S. vs. EU

    Place your beats folks.  They are spitting mad over the agreements made to combat climate change.  Can the U.S. push their agenda to speak about Clean Development Mechanisms and how to assure that Kyoto works?  (It is odd that the U.S. is pushing for a successful Kyoto Protocol when they have not ratified it.)  But to see who wins you must tune in.

Mayor Speack Out About Global Warming

    They have realized that global warming can have a serious impact on their cities.  They are getting hit harder with the more severe storms that are believed to be associated with global warming.  They do not want to have to rely on disaster relief funds to cope.  They are asking that actions be taken of the federal level to curb global warming trends.

Kyoto Compliance on the Cheap

Sounds too good to be true.  Well, it might be.  It is felt that if all six greenhouse gases covered under Kyoto at the same time it might be 60 percet cheaper than just takling CO2.

EU Getting Serious on Global Warming

    They are talking about setting ceilings on their emissions.  It is suppose to address the differences in compliace cost in the sourthern EU states as apposed to its north members.  There is also a strong effort to work with Japan and Korea to low car emissions.

Are We Running Out of Time?

Have we passed the threshold to where abatement is too little to late.  One scientist seems to believe that stabilation now will not be enough.  See the facts and judge for yourself.

Cities Under Water

See if global warming can lead to the loss of New York and Tokyo.