Unitary Fiat v. Voluntary Assent Rule

    Even though, I am comparing unitary fiat to voluntary assent, in order to make the connection to a democratic government, one needs to view the ruling or winning opinion reached in a democracy must be viewed as the opinion of a totalitarian ruler.  Through the use of majoritarian coercion, the opinion of the majority is the one that controls at the end of the day.

    The thing of most importance for global warming ("GW") to be curbed is the need for a united effort. Under a unitary fiat, a "rational policy designer . . . selects the optimal instrument [for controlling pollution] and coercively dictates its imposition on sources."[EN3On the contrary, with voluntary assent one or a group cannot impose their regulations onto the unwilling.[EN4]  One can choose whether or not they want to be bound. Because all actors are believed to be on equal footing, bad actors or those who do not want to agree will have to be shamed [EN5] or bribed to achieve compliance. The problem of influencing behavior through shaming is exacerbated in the global arena because of the variety of cultural backgrounds.[EN6The method of bribing associated with ETS is the issuance of "headroom."[EN7]